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    I am using the theme Twenty Eleven. I found this on the Twenty Eleven Theme’s website:

    This is really interesting to me, since I have been looking for a way to keep publishing new content while still having a place where people can see my best work that I choose to appear on that page. My question is, how do I make a Showcase Page and stick selected posts onto it?
    I really appreciate your help, I’m sorry if this has been answered in another forum post, I did some searches on this and didn’t come up with anything helpful.

    The blog I need help with is



    See here:

    Similar templates also available in Nuntius and Splendio.

    For other themes with a featured posts slider on their main page see here (the ones marked ***):


    Thank you.
    I now understand that you make a page with the Showcase Template and make the posts you want sticky.

    Another question I have now:
    Can I make these posts sticky and have them on my Showcase Template without having them “stick” to the top of my posts page?



    Thank you very much justpi, this post is really helpful! I have been using wordpress for the last 6 months and found it a little difficult to navigate…so finally have entered into the forums and found it a great help! I have progressed my blog more over the weekend having some dedicated time to work on it, best wishes!

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