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    Hi all,

    With the Duster theme (Now the WordPress 2011 theme), I can’t work out how to display the full post for any of my posts other than the top one.

    e.g. at the moment “Senna (2010)” displays on the homepage, but “Le Quattro Volte” “Love Like Poison” “Attack the Block” and so on only show titles, and not the full posts.

    Can anyone help me to display all of the posts in their entirety, or at least the lead image (that bit before the “Continue reading”)?

    I think this is linked to the showcase template being displayed.

    Thanks for any help you can give!

    The blog I need help with is



    No I hadn’t, but I’m still confused. Can you help with my specific question?



    I’m so sorry but I am working and I don’t have the time to work this out for you. None of the other themes have this “Showcase Template” and all I know about the theme is found in the post I linked to above and/or in the threads at this link.


    No one obliges you to use the showcase template for your blog front. If you want full posts, go to Settings>Reading, select Front page displays “Your latest posts”, click Save Changes.


    Yes but I was just wondering if there’s a way of having the “sticky” showcase post at the top (in my case a text intro and link), as well as the normal latest posts below.



    That’s not contemplated by the theme and that’s not how it is designed to work. You have to choose one or the other.

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