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Showcase your blog on my blog

  1. showcase your blog on my blog.

    The blog I need help with is

    id love to be able to get more connected to people on here,the whole blogging thing is very seperated,disjointed from each individual blogger,even though bloggers are other bloggers main readers,i think we all need a better way to connect nad promote our personal favourite blogs to read,and have them in turn,if they like us,share a link.anyone wanting too please leave a comment,or email me

  3. Can I please give you both a little tip? There are about 400 million blogs in existence and that number rises by the minute... I have long since given up visiting any blog where the owner hasn't given me any clue if they write about stuff I might be interested in.

    Most people have limited free time (understatement!!!!) and prefer to not waste time searching for a blog that might appeal to them in all the hand waving messages of "please read my blog, please please...etc"

    You might get a better hit rate if you please tell people in this, your first message WHAT YOUR BLOG IS ABOUT !!! :)

    something short and sweet should do... here's one of mine...

    "So Who is Kiwidutch? a food obsessed, cooking crazy, attention-to-detail craftwork , travel freak who happens to love photography of all of the above."

    just hoping to be helpful, because I know that heaps of people think the same after a while.. they see no description of what you are about and instantly move on.

    Happy Blogging!

  4. I second what kiwidutch has to say. Unless there is an actual blog promotion in threads posted into this blog promotion forum then I don't click in to the blog.

    The first thing every blogger needs to create is a brief bio. The second thing every blogger needs to create is a brief and accurate blog description. The third thing every blogger must create is "a brief elevator speech".

    When promoting a single post on this forum unless the thread contains an actual post promotion I don't click in either. An actual post promotion is a brief introduction to the post that contains enough information and/or an interesting "hook" which gives rise to curiosity that encourages me to click in and read the post.

    My intention is not to offend you but as your blog is new, lacks traffic and nacklinks, and has a low PageRank (2) and a very low Alexa traffic ranking there is no benefit to my blog to accepting an offer to "showcase your blog on my blog."

  5. shopfrontsigns

    Dear timethief, I am actually quite happy with 200 hits a day and a page range as low as (2), I usually don't allow people to comment on my blogs apart from one area on my blogs where I wish to help other bloggers build up their traffic and one way links.

    This post is about helping others.

    showcase your blog on my blog.

  6. Hello, shopfrontsigns! I like your attitude. Not everybody is into blogging just to try to get a huge ranking. Hits are always welcome but many of us blog to share our interests and enthusiasms and not to become a professional blogger. Also, like you I try to appeal to READERS not to other bloggers who are just visiting my blog to comment in the hopes that I will in turn go to their blog to comment and give them a hit. It can steal a lot of your time to mindlessly follow what other people think you should do. For most of us our blogs are a nice side activity, not the totality of our existence.

  7. Hey Shopfront,

    Love the attitude, that is pretty much mine also. I am not looking for popularity, to win a medal, or make millions (wont argue if someone send it to me though).

    I just started this blogging thing, pretty much using my first blogs to introduce what it is that goes on day to day and who is involved.

    Some boring some not, but when I get into my "moods" as I shall call them, they will be very controversial, mind blowing, angerrousing or just downright low and despicable.

    I am trying to blog to see where I am and where I stand and if I can be honest with myself, see what others dont see about me weeks and months down the line.

    How would I have my blog posted to your site?

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  9. shopfrontsigns

    Showcase your blog on my blog.

    This area of myblog is about you, not me, its about getting you one way links to your blog. Getting one way links is very important in building traffic and SEO through google organic search.

    Use my blogpost to promote your blog.

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