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  1. I found this truly amazing, so I'm drawing it to everyone's attention!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Grrrrr - eat post to highlight -- even if it made me growly and raised my BP about 20 points!

  3. The biggest danger (and greatest sin) when trying to be funny with material that risks offending is that if you fail to be funny all you are left with is offense. Unfortunately, the Got Milk? campaign fell victim to this danger.

  4. @habituatedbuddhist It sure did -- the humor fell flat, certainly, and only left offense.

  5. It is a lame attempt at humor. Nothing irritates me more than my husband breaking out those three little letters to accuse me with every time we have a fight. Regardless if he's right or not.

  6. It means "I don't have to engage in what you're saying because I can simply dismiss it as a product of X" -- whether X is PMS, possessing double-X chromosomes, having different skin color, or speaking with an accent, or coming from a particular country -- it's always a way of dismissing content because it's presumed to be a product of some irrelevant factor.

    I'm not 100% PC -- and I think there are some "stereotype" jokes that can be funny when they're not mean, or when they're told in a funny context. Advertising milk (which probably more women purchase than men) doesn't provide sufficient context for those jokes to be funny. Maybe the creators of the milk ads (if not the others, which I found in even more questionable taste) thought that they were merely "sending up" a stereotype and making fun of the stereotype itself; if they did think that, they miscalculated.

  7. Hey everyone, thanks for reading! Sadly, I don't know any woman who hasn't, at one point or another, had her opinion dismissed as "Are you on your period or something?" This needs to stop.

  8. My ex-husband once commented he didn't know why women complained about "that" time of the month - iit was onely ONCE a month and he had to SHAVE every day!

    So perhaps we need a milk ad about how grumpy they are after/before/during the daily shave?

  9. I can see why he's your ex. :-) Seriously, I shave almost every day, too. Plus all that other stuff. Men suck sometimes.

    Great idea for an ad, BTW. I wonder what else we could come up with. Hmmmm.

  10. becomingherself


    Best response:

    Let's hope so: it would reduce the odds of someone else like you being born.

  11. I have to say that I rarely argue with girlfriends, so this time of the month thing is never an issue. If you argue regularly, then the relationship is not working in my opinion.

    Pointless ad that belongs in the past, just the same as any 'redressing the balance' ads that are sexist against men.

  12. The dairy industry relies on a combination of ignorance, North American traditions, and gimmickry, there is no human requirement for cow's milk.

    Calcium is available from many other sources like Sesame Seed, Spinach, Leafy Green Vegetables, Molasses, Kelp, Tahini, Broccoli, Chard, Kale, Brazil Nuts, Celery, Almonds, Papaya, Flax Seeds, Oranges, Figs, Soy Beans, etc.

    •There is not one single study that shows that drinking milk prevents osteoporosis.

    •Besides calcium, cows' milk is also rich in phosphorous (as is soda pop). Phosphorous can combine with calcium and prevent its absorption.

    •The protein in milk also accelerates the excretion of calcium via the kidneys.

    from the foodallergysolutions website

    I find the extent to which both the dairy and beef industries go to convince us that humans require their products when, in fact, we don't to be an insult to my intelligence. I also find this to be offensive advertising. It's not funny at all - it's idiotic.

  13. Hey, tt! Are you vegetarian or vegan? I'm vegetarian. Fortunately, most people don't find it as freakish as they did when I first became one almost 20 years ago.

    I have had people ask, when I've said that I don't eat meat, "What do you EAT?" in utterly astonished voices -- this has happened recently. I say, "everything else." There's such a wonderful variety of food (of the non-animal variety) available on this planet, and so many fabulous ways to prepare it, and I am fortunate enough to live in a time and place where it is not only possible to be a vegetarian, but quite simple.

    When people ask me why: it cuts my "carbon footprint" and is generally good for the environment; it is healthy (provided you eat right -- there's plenty of sweets and junk food that don't have any animal products in them!); I feel good eating this way; I have a lot of variety in my diet; and I don't need to think about slaughterhouses or overcrowded, abused chickens or the decimation of our oceans when I am eating my meal. And did I mention it's tasty?

  14. No I'm one of those people who went vegan in college and became very ill (vitamin 12 deficiency and anemia). I am now and ovo-lacto vegetarian with historically low B12 levels and 129 food and drug allergies and sensitivities. Three days of the week I eat a little meat or fish. Where I live being a vegetarian or a vegan is not uncommon. And I hear you when it comes to the horrible factory farm practices (the way livestock are treated) and climate change.

    Greenhouse gas emissions from primary agriculture contribute up to 12% of the total annual global emissions. If one includes land use changes and deforestation driven by the increased consumption of meat and dairy products, this figure can be closer to 18 or 20%. These figures do not include greenhouse gases released by machinery on farms or emissions released by the processing, transport and storage of foods and agricultural products around the globe, so the climate impact of our food system is even greater. From a global perspective, livestock production is responsible for nearly 80% of all agricultural related emissions.

    Luckily we can get fish direct form the fishers at the dock and organic meats form local farmers as well as organic fruits, vegetables and nuts.

  15. Yup! I know what you're saying.

    I've made it a practice to take a B-complex w/ C pretty much daily. When I don't for whatever reason -- carelessness or running out and not getting around to getting more -- I notice that I don't have the energy or mental acuity I usually have (or delude myself that I have!).

    I used to be able to eat fish occasionally, but I eat it so seldom, that the last few years, I haven't been able to eat it without getting sick to my stomach. I've always had a severe allergy to shellfish, especially scallops, so I didn't need to consider whether to include those in my diet since I've never been able to eat them. I do eat eggs (either free-range or cage-free, depending on what's available) and milk products. If it weren't for a real cheese addiction (well, I don't eat it in huge quantities or every day, but I love just about every variety of cheese I've ever tried), I'd probably be able to give up dairy products, but I do love cheese, and I find the soy substitutes and other vegan cheeses completely unpalatable. If I were a better person, maybe I'd abstain! LOL!

    I also tried to become vegetarian in college (not vegan, though), but found, like you, that I wasn't eating very well, so I went back to eating meat, though more as a side dish or even a condiment, and it was a very natural progression when 10 years later, I became vegetarian. I also lived in a very veggie-friendly town at the time, so it was very easy there. Then I moved for a few years to a city where it was a bit odd, and particularly older people didn't seem to comprehend that I really, truly did not eat meat and I didn't miss it. Funny creatures, we human beings!

    I hope your health is better these days, TT, and that you're taking good care of yourself & eating well!

  16. plasticdaffodils

    I just sent this as a tip to Jezebel - these ads are pretty awful. Apparently "milk can help prevent the symptoms of PMS," but unfortunately it makes your husband/boyfriend an asshole. I'm almost glad I'm lactose intolerant now.

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