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    I want to have advertises to be shown on my Youtube channel, for that I found out I needed to monetize it, I activated it. After that I made myself a Adsense account, where I can generate a html code which represents the advertise itself I guess. After I saw advertises are still not been shown on my Youtube channel I found out I need a wordpress account which serves as a platform where I can copy my html code from AdSense into to let it then appear on my blog or Youtube channel I thought. I then found out I have to connect my WordPress acc with my google plus acc because I think Youtube belongs to Google so they share the same conectivity. Now I just cant find a way to connect my Google plus with my WordPress acc, so if anyone has an idea how to properly connect these things or are even needed to be connected to show advertises on my Youtube acc I would really appreciate the help. I obviously am doing these things for the first time, so if you have the urge to tell me I have no idea about what I am doing or saying thats most likely true, though help would be great. My Youtube channel is ‘’ . Or general help would also be appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is



    You are watching a video that applies only to wordpress.ORG software on sites on paid hosting. It does not apply to any sites hosted by wordpress.COM like this one

    You are confusing wordpress.COM hosted sites with wordpress.ORG software installs. blogs have built-in plugins only.

    re: plugins

    Blogger installed plugin capability does not exist on WordPress.COM blogs and there is no upgrade you can purchase here that changes that reality.

    For that type of functionality, you’d need a self-hosted WordPress.ORG software install running on a paid web hosting service.

    Note this support doc: Monetize Your Site

    The only advertising program at is called WordAds and it’s for blogs on their own domains that have enough traffic to qualify for acceptance into the plan.

    Additionally, please read

    1. allows bloggers to insert text affiliate links within post and page content to most third-party affiliate programs, provided they are not the primary content of the site in question.

    2. Image affiliate links in posts and pages and any banners, affiliate links in sidebar or footer widget areas, are still considered to be advertising and are not allowed on blogs.

    Advertising outside of WordAds at is not allowed. Here’s what gets a blog suspended:

    NOTE: A self-hosted WordPress site is what you need. offers free software that you can install on a web server. You can upload and install themes and plugins, run ads, conduct ecommerce and edit the database.

    This guide will explain how to move your site to another hosting platform: Moving to a Self-Hosted WordPress Site



    Hi @cloydt, just to summarize, you can connect Google+ in that you can publish from to your account there. But AdSense is not supported on our servers, and it sounds like the tutorials you read are for installations.

    The articles TimeThief published can be a lot to read, but they will help you reach your goals. Best wishes!



    Thanks both of you Supernovia and TimeThief. I guess I will have to work trough these texts when time comes.





    You’re welcome.

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