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Showing child posts in parent category sidebar

  1. I was reading about Asides (Sideblog) on the Sidebar and wondered if there was a way I can show recent posts of a child category in it's parent Sidebar.

    The reason I would want to do that... I know the parent category will be very long and I do not want to make it a "Page", additional posts will be in a child category and it would be convenient for the reader to see the child posts also.

    That is what the Sideblog got me thing that would be possible, but it seems the Sideblog is just for very short comments.

    Any thoughts on how I can make this work?


  2. you can show recents posts with a widget, or child categories under the parent categories with the right theme, but you can't combine the two in our environment. you could, however, manually do this with a text widget, by using link tags.

  3. Thank you Sulz for the reply...I understand what your saying...


  4. glad to help. :)

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