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Showing code for an example - NOT JAVA!! LOL!

  1. I wanted to discuss basic html in a post. Showing the html code for example on doing a hyperlink!

    http://www.yourdomain. com

    I added some spaces where it isn't screw up my example! LOL! There is no java or anything. I just wanted to show some basic examples of html, but the code gets screwed up everything I save the example.

    Is there a way around this?

    Thank you in advance!

  2. That example even got screwed up! OUCH! LOL!


  3. Well, if you looked below the box you just wrote in you'd see the solution to your question.

    Allowed markup: a blockquote br code em strong ul ol li.
    Put code in between backticka.r Backticks are that weird little symbol next to the number 1 on the keyboard

  4. Okay I didn't see that. We can also use that in our posts for the blog I guess right? Place tick marks between them? Do the ticks show up?

  5. No, the blogs work somewhat differently. These are the ones in the blog:

    I suggest you use the "code" tag.

  6. The ticks don't show up they do put the stuff inside them in a separate line.

  7. Didn't we have an encoding link we could send folks to and it would change the '<' brackets so the code would show up correctly?


    Look at this website I found!

    I entered in my code in the top box - look to the left and mark what parts of the code you want them to find exclude (<> etc), and push copy. Take the code on the right hand side.

    I think that does it! WOO HOO! Nothing to download!

  9. NOPE! Doesn't work RATS

  10. So, did you try the Code tag?

  11. The code tag will format your 'code' only. If you wanna show something like:

    <a href="" title="ESPN">ESPN</a>

    Then use HTML entities or ASCII code to substitute '<' and '>'

    HTH LOL!

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