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    I’d like comments to be visible directly under my post, rather than people having to click on a comment’ box. I can’t seem to do this. Theme is ‘Bueno.’ Help gratefully received. Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is


    That cannot be done, and if you think about it, it can make navigation far harder for your visitors since they might have to scroll down past 25 or 50 comments to get to the next post. I know sites that can get anywhere from 200 to 750 comments on each post. It also would make your main page load really slowly if you got a lot of comments, and since the search engines take page loading times into account when calculating search engine ranking, your site could end up getting its ranking whacked. It happens.

    The P2 theme, which is designed for collaborative sites can show the comments under the posts on the main page, but from experience again, it can be hard to navigate and frustrating.


    I should add that it could be done on a self-hosted wordpress site if you had experience with PHP scripting and hacked the theme, but that means each time an update to the theme comes out you have to re-hack the theme script files.

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