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    Hi – I’m a Word Press newbie and I’m having trouble. I am using the theme Bueno from Woo Themes ( and I would like my full posts to be viewable on the home page. Right now, when visitors go to my blog they only see the first few lines of the post and no images. I want them to see the entire post. Can some one help me? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is



    What’s the link to the blog you’re having trouble with? The one linked to your username is blank and using Twenty Ten. Please give us the URL starting with http://


    Sorry, here’s the actual link to the blog:

    Thanks for your help.


    You know what, I think I figured it out. However I’m not sure that this is the best way to fix this. I replaced some code in my Bueno: Main Index Template (index.php)

    Originally the code was:
    <?php if ( $woo_options['woo_post_content'] == "content" ) { the_content('[...]'); } else { the_excerpt(); ?><?php } ?>

    I switched it to simply:
    <?php the_content(); ?>

    Is this how this is done?



    Sorry to tell you, you’re in the wrong forum. You need to post over at WordPress.ORG.

    Some people confuse WordPress.ORG and WordPress.COM (which is where we are). These links will explain the difference.

    WordPress.COM or WordPress.ORG? The difference

    8 Things To Know Before Posting in WordPress.Com Forums


    Thanks. I had no idea.

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