Showing link descriptions in dashboard, and editing posts…

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    Hi, this used to be a “feature” I guess in the dashboard, where when you were looking at the list of links, it would show the Title, as well as the description, link, etc etc.

    Ever since the new dashboard update (the gray bar…or maybe before that I don’t remember), descriptions have been omitted from being displayed when looking at that list. Would it be possible to throw them back in there?

    In my links I have a set that are frequently updated manually and they are kept in display order on the site by having Titles be just “01” to “07”. When I update them, I change the description as well, which throws the order off most of the time, since I think it’s ordered alphabetically by Description.

    Before, I could just look at the description and know which ones needed to be edited, but now I have to search through all of them to find out if that is the link that needs editing.


    and while we’re on suggestions, I have another one.

    This could just be a problem in Firefox (since I noticed this after getting an automatic update to Firefox), but is there a way to access the typing cursor in the “Writing a post” box (the blinking vertical line) with just the keyboard after searching with the “Find” function? In some of my posts I do frequent multiple edits to replace or insert text in front of certain keywords. Previously I could hit up Find and the word would be highlighted, then I could just automatically control the cursor with the arrows keys on the keyboard and then I could paste with ctrl+v. This way allowed me to just keep the mouse in one spot hovered over the “Find Next” button while I make my edits.

    Currently the only way I can do the same thing is to hit find, use the mouse to navigate up to where the word is highlighted, then move with the keyboard and paste or type what I need to. Move the mouse back down, hit find again, wash, rinse, and repeat. It’s turned my post updates into something of a drag…

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