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    I am extremely frustrated with what I am trying to… I want all the categories to be shown in the web blog.. I’ve added the categories widget, but only ONE category (which has one post) was shown.

    It is possible to show all the categories despite the fact that there isn’t any post in them yet?

    I want the prospective and returning readers to know what’s coming up… I’ve tried converting the categories to tag and vise versa, but it’s not helping (What are they for, btw?). I looked it up in the support, and from it says:

    “You can set the module to show All Categories (slower) or the Most Used categories by clicking the appropriate link on the left side of the module. Select the checkbox next to a category name to associate it with a post or uncheck boxes to remove an association.”

    Again, the same question arises- Is it possible to show all categories in the web page when some of them has NO POST, yet?

    If the answer is “No”, why & what are the ways that would make this possible?

    Thank you.

    p/s: How do I come back? Do I get a notification in my email indicating there’s a reply to this thread?


    A category will only show in the sidebar if there’s at least one post assigned to it.

    So if you want to announce “future” categories, what you can do is add a text widget and write them there (you may need some html coding for line breaks or blank lines), or write them in a temporary “sticky” post.

    No, you don’t get emails from the forum. You just check for replies.


    Thank you :D

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