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Showing only sumaries

  1. Hello,
    i need some help on writing:

    I want to make a blog that shows only the summary of the post. Like, when i write a post, it will show only the first 40 characters, for example.

    I tried the Options, Reading, and checking the Show Summary to articles radiobutton, but it doesn't work. I believe there is a difference between article and post. ;b

    anyway: does anybody know how do i do it?


  2. noway! THAT simple?

    you're an angel, sulz. an angel flying around lord godpress!

    thanks a lot, and forgive my misattemption! =b

  3. no problem. thank you for that lovely compliment. =)

  4. There are also a couple of templates that do that automatically, but I can't recall which ones.

  5. Hemingway is one.

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