Shrink Wrapping Images & WordPress deleting HTML code

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    I found a way to “shrink wrap” images so that they won’t be downloaded. Here’s the info I’ve found:

    However, when I tried this, WordPress deleted about half the code for the table. Any suggestions on how to get around this?


    The blog I need help with is



    WP deletes much of the code because the author of the post is an amateur who doesn’t know how to publish code correctly: all the quotation marks are curved or oblique while they should be straight.
    The author is also an amateur because table coding is used for arranging content in rows and columns: for the suggested trick, table coding is totally unnecessary.
    And only real amateurs won’t be able to copy your images if you use this sort of trick; here’s the ‘protected’ image of the post:



    He is a smart coder. but I am rudimentary and can still figure this out.

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