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Shrinking smiley face to 0px?

  1. I know that the tiny smiley face at the bottom is needed for tracking stats. But if I use the following CSS, can I get the same tracking effect, while keeping the image invisible?:

    img#wpstats {

    Many thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Basically, all I'm asking is: does the tracker need the smiley image to be visible, or does it simply require it to be embedded within the webpage?

    So far, page views have registered just fine when browsing the site anonymously from my smartphone.

  3. It needs to be in the page. Most people just change it to the same colour as the background.

  4. Instead of width:0 you could write display:none - but either way don't worry: making an element invisible doesn't remove it from the HTML of the page.

  5. Thanks! I suspected that, since if I "view page info" in Firefox, that can still be seen as one of the web page's media elements.

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