Shrinking the header in CSS editor

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    For whatever reason, the header image on my site, particularly when viewed on a laptop, is huge. Is it possible to shrink with CSS (length-wise, especially) editing? If so, can someone guide me through that?

    The blog I need help with is


    I just checked and the header image doesn’t look too huge to me. It sounds like you might have used a larger header image before and now you’ve updated it.

    The suggested dimensions for a header image in the Mixfolio theme is 980 x 275 pixels, did you want it smaller than that?


    I shrunk it.

    Here’s another question…

    With the Custom Feature, is there any way to update the CSS so that the header image is the background for the menu bar?


    You could do that by adding a background image to one of the elements in the header:

    #branding-inner .container {
    	background: url('') no-repeat;

    The width for that space is 980 x 167 pixels, but you could adjust it by adding width or heigh values if you want.

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