sick of the “new wordpress”

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    I’m getting really fed up with the re-designed WordPress. I used to have a totally pain free, problem free blog, and now it’s NOTHING BUT TROUBLE. I hate it, frankly. Pictures appear and then disappear, inability to post in different fonts without paying for it is gone, posting from Word doesn’t work, and on and on and on. A bunch of my WP blog friends have left, and I’m on the verge myself. This is nonsense. I can’t afford to spend 30 min. to an hour just trying to post something simple because nothing works. Yes, I’ve read all of the FAQ, yes, I’ve made sure I have the updated flash, etc. I hate it.

    I am thinking of taking the several thousand visitors I have somewhere else. Soon.

    unhappy blogger.




    Do you have a support question?


    And a link to your blog?



    did you bring this issue up to support?



    riraito, I’m thinking same…some people like it, most don’t as far as I can tell…but I only have about 50 visitors a day to mine so my voice doesn’t mean jack to these people…maybe now they will start listening…I was considering moving to TypePad and paying, but then I thought, “Oh no, what if they are just as bad as WordPress?”…which made me think, “Holy Crap I would **never** pay for what I’m getting from WP right now”…not even a consideration…it’s frustrating but for now I’m sticking with WP if only because there aren’t better options out there…yet…



    Jaymanicus, I dont know from where you got that “most people dont like the new WP” from. I for one like it, ESPECIALLY the new image interface I have to say ( sorry to say that in this forum!). I have LOADS of images and sometimes I needed to re-use some of them. In the old days it was quicker for me to upload the needed image a second time than to search for it in the then almost non-existent library which would strech on pages and pages.
    Also, now posts are saved while you write, which was not happening before if Im correct. There are definitely things that I would have changed such as the delete button being next to save, which I dont think is such a smart place to put it, but there were things I wasnt happy about in the old one as well so for me the images interface alone was worth the upgrade.
    Those who write in the forums to complain are doing this because they need to, and because the system doesnt work for them and it is important that they can do so and have their problems sorted by the volunteers or referred to the staff. But to deduce what the owners of the 1 million active blogs think about the new dashboard from the support forums – where, by definition, people write because they NEED HELP- is a bit excessive I think…I really feel like starting a “I love the new WP ” thread at the moment… See you.



    i truly understand how u feeling bro.


    I like it too and it seems some post non-forum related monologues just to stir the pot! Vent about it on your blog and let your 50 readers read it. I don’t come here to listen to whiners. I come here to find solutions to stuff and find out the latest going-on’s with WordPress. By the way, good luck finding an outlet to bitchfest on blogger, they don’t even have support of forums. Unless you count an automated response to inquiries with no email to respond back to.


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