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Side Bar Addition Problem

  1. I want to add a Menologion to my blog sidebar.

    There was no problem adding it to my Blogger site, but I can't figure out how to put it here!

    I tried a Text Widget, but it didn't work. Hope someone can help me!

  2. Javascript, flash, iframes are not allowed in widgets. It has something to do with security. I know nothing about Menologion but perhaps it contains some of the code language, that WordPress can't permit at the moment?

    However, we do get a lot of new features all the time so it might suddenly be possible one fine day...

  3. It uses Javascript.

    You can install a menologion on your website or blog. This requires no CGI programming, only inserting a JavaScript into your webpage. Menologion is compatible with most modern browsers (tested on Firefox 1.5 on Fedora 4).

  4. Well, guess I'll just have to wait until we can use Javascript for some additions.



  5. Well, Bible quotes really ought to bee trusted but I guess the issue here is the degree of professionalism in the organizations IT section. :-D

    Even the Bible can get hacked by ungodly people. :-D))))

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