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Side bar always on bottom

  1. I've noticed that my sidebar on my weblog is always on the bottom of the page. if I switch to a page with no images this doesn't happen.

    my weblog is:

  2. Actually you have a bunch of images that are too wide.

  3. thank you very much all for the quick answers :)

  4. i've cropped all images in the page to 480px width the default size for my theme (ChaoticSoul) but my sidebar's still at the bottom. What could it be?

  5. Set your blog to display only one post per page and then go through them one at a time to see which post or posts is/are causing the problem, and then use this link as a guide:

  6. According to the W3C validator, you have an open div tag, which is well known reason for this to happen. Figure out which post is causing the issue and then fix it.

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