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Side bar going way down to bottom

  1. I'm using Andreas 04 theme. My Home page looks fine, but if you click on any of the other pages you will not see my side bar unless you scroll way down to the bottom.

    I'm wondering what is moving it down? The only thing I can think of is that the comment box is too wide and that is throwing it off. Is there any way I can change that or is that something in the theme that I can't change?

    Or, do you think something else is causing this problem?

    my blog:

  2. Usually it's very large images that throw off the sidebar to the bottom. But that's not the problem here. But do you mean like in this page:

    Probably add more to the page so the text is longer making the sidebar not be at the bottom. Usually if I post on my blog lots of pictures, then the sidebar is way to the top.

  3. Or if you copy an paste stuff from like microsoft works or something into your text box, cause of the coding it sends it to the bottom at times. Did it to me an I sent a feedback, I think they fixed the coding for me an never did it again.

  4. Yes, I did copy and paste my text in. I used my Front Page software to write it then copy and paste. The reason I use that is because the coding is too complicated in the WordPress thing.

    Maybe I should send in a feedback on this too.

  5. Can I suggest that you use a plain text editor like Notepad (or the mac equivalent) to write posts and then paste it across.

    Just like many MS products, Frontpage likes to insert dodgy hidden code that can screw with page layout.


  6. @bonlou
    Collin's right on. Mark even wrote this about WORD and put it in the FAQs
    I use BlogDesk BlogDesk is totaly free of charge and optimized for the blog systems WordPress, MovableType, Drupal, Serendipity and ExpressionEngine as well as the bloghosters and

  7. Everyone-
    Thanks so much for your help. I'm new at this so I think I'll download Blogdesk and give that a try.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  8. Hey Guys....
    I hate to admit this but I found the problem to my side bar going way down. I didn't have my window open all the way across in my browser. Duh!!! I feel really dumb! But, that was the problem.

    Thanks again.

  9. @boblou
    Thanks for coming back and letting us know this. Would you like to mark this thread as "resolved"?

  10. Yep!

  11. ***kisses***

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