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    The sidebar on my site is not showing even though I have added two widgets to it.

    you can only get to it via a button shown as 3 dots which appears as last menu item. How do I make it appear as a side bar?


    The blog I need help with is



    It looks like you are currently using the Suburbia theme. In the theme description under widgets it says

    Suburbia supports five widget optional areas — four in the footer and one in the sidebar in single post and page views.

    I activated this theme on my test blog and on my home page where my blog posts are there wasn’t a sidebar. However particular posts and my pages, the side bar showed. If you want a sidebar on your home/posts page you’ll need a different theme.



    Hi Andrew – did megz0114’s advice help? The setup guide for Suburbia is here:

    You can see the sidebar when you preview your first post:

    Since you haven’t yet published any posts – where the sidebar is visible – you won’t see it on your site yet.

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