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    In the new theme Fusion,is it possible to make the sidebar not overlapping the header image?

    The blog I need help with is


    Not without the CSS upgrade and CSS editing experience (and probably a good bit of photoshopping of new background images).



    You could also use the full-width layout option (no sidebar) which will show the full header image without the sidebar.


    But I need the side bar :(


    It would have been great if the that side was not a protruding one


    I have the same thoughts about the projecting side bar, but the more I look at it (I made the switch from theme 2010 to Fusion the day it came out), the more I like the new look overall. It is very attractive and has an elegant look about it.



    Just my opinion, but as a web designer I like that this theme steps outside the normal squared-off and aligned boxes that have dominated theme design for years. Themes have been in a rut and for the most part the only differences has been in text formatting and colors.

    I also like the layout flexibility.

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