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side bar scrolling pictures or buttons

  1. I saw a blog that on their side bar has their buttons scrollong... and this is the code i was given but it is not working...

    <p><marquee direction="up" width="200" onmouseover="this.stop()" scrollamount="5" onmouseout="this.start()" height="400" align="center"></p>
    <p>{This is where your button codes will go}</p>

    this is the blog on the left you will see it moving...

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Do you recall devblog answering 5this question for you earlier? What this is all about is that you want to have a "garb my button code" so your readers will take a copy and place it on their blogs, right?

    The way it is done on that blogspot blog does not have to be the way it is done at all as devblog explained. he made a "grab my button" generator for us bloggersl to use and it is here

    If you must have one like the blogspot one then here's a link to a tutorial creating one that way

  3. When you click the last link I supplied to the tutorial Displaying Grab My Button Code in and read it, you will discover that there are differences in the code that can be used on wordpress..COM blogs and blogspot blogs. You will also find a work around and the code required for constructing a look alike for a blog.
    Frankly, if I were you, I would use devblog's generator instead.

  4. thanks I am not talking about the bguttons them selves I am asking about how to make them scroll up and down by them selves.

  5. You cannot: the marquee code doesn't work in blogs.

  6. oh well.

  7. You can have a grab my blog button for your blog.
    It cannot be the one used for blogspot blogs.

    Do no despair :)

    You do have two choices:
    (1) Use devblog's generator (see link above)
    (2) Use the tutorial for (see link above)

  8. just wanting to know if it is possible to have a marquee OF the buttons

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