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Side bar! Sidebar!

  1. I spent 30 minutes scouring my Dashboard and am unable to find it!

    I created a poll and want to place it there - but the poll appears not on my siderbar, where I sized it to fit, but on my main column.

    URL =

    Thanks for the help,


  2. Open your polls, then Edit. Find the Poll you want, and then click on "HTML Code" From the dropdown menu, grab the Shortcode. Paste this code into an empty text widget. Save the widget and sidebar and check out the poll.

    BTW, be sure to choose a Poll skin that is narrow to fit in your sidebar. Most themes have a narrow sidebar too small for the larger poll s

  3. This doesn't seem to work for me, the poll link is posted but not the actual poll. Can you help?

  4. Do you have a WordPress.COM blog?

  5. mookiealexander

    I tried the same thing and it didn't work.......would Beemeister's comment imply that WordPress.ORG would support HTML code on the sidebar?

  6. All blogs support HTML in the sidebar text widgets. You cannot have forms or Java or any script whatsoever due to security concerns.

    Are you copying the shortcode correctly?

  7. When i try to add my poll to my blog it doesn't show up anywhere. How do I add my blog to my site?

  8. Beemeister, I follow your instructions but the poll appears on my main page, not the sidebar

    Sidebar, Sidebar: How can I access it???

    Thanks, Steve

  9. @stevesewall-Appearance>Widgets>Text Widget

    You may have the default widgets, which will disappear from your sidebar once you add a new widget. So make note of what you presently have in your sidebar BEFORE you add the new text widget so you can recreate it later after adding the text widget.

  10. Thanks JJ -

    But how do I put the new widget (a poll) on my sidebar and not on the main column of my page, where it presently sits?


  11. Have you looked at the FAQ?

  12. Vivian, thanks, I have looked at the FAQ; but the poll I created there shows up on my main page and not the sidebar where I want it.

    Beemeister's instructions above (HTML, grab the shortcode) should do the job but for some reason I am getting an "error - poll not created" message from WordPress when I create a poll.

    Are other users getting this message?

    Thanks all, Steve

  13. Well suddenly my poll magically reappeared after seemingly being lost. I won't ask how or why.

    So all I need to do now is follow the Beemeisters instructions.

    So Beeman, I have copied the shortcode as you say and am set to paste it in the "empty text widget" you speak of. But where is that widget? It's not on the appearance > widgets page - those widgets have other, fixed purposes.

    Thanks - we are almost there!

  14. For stuff to appear in your sidebar it must be in a widget. I don't think these polls work in a widget, but you can try pasting the code into a blank text widget.

  15. Beemeister says polls DO work on a sidebar - You need to select the narrow sidebar sized poll.

    My question is: where to I find a BLANK TEXT WIDGET?


    Once again my poll is inaccessable from my Dashboard/Polls. In "Polls" I just got this message:

    "Unable to connect to any of the specified MySQL hosts. \C_request.cs:line 280"

  16. @stevesewall: I don't see a poll in your "main column". Did you or didn't you create a poll? If you did, and you want it in your sidebar, you go to Appearance > Widgets, add a Text widget and paste the poll shortcode in it (as beemeister and justjennifer have already told you).

  17. Pana - Thanks, but where is the "Text widget" space that you refer to - I can't fine it in Appearance > Widget.

  18. Problem solved - I just created a text widget by entering "Text" in the "Search Widgets" space and presto there it was.

    I will add my poll as soon as I stop getting this message in polls

    "Unable to connect to any of the specified MySQL hosts. \C_request.cs:line 280"

  19. Yes I have a blog. I managed to get it work for a new poll, so maybe that one I was trying to get up was just faulty. No dramas, all sorted now.

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