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    I’d like to put two larger-than-thumbnail-sized images side by side in a post. In the pre-WP 2.7 days, I think I would have made a gallery of two thumbnails, but has that has changed with the new interface? TIA



    I believe it’s still done the old way with the Gallery.



    Actually, the Cutline theme offers CSS image classes which you use to image stack two images side by side.

    Check it out here:

    Everything on the page works with Cutline for



    @ beemeister – thanks but I have the Day Dream theme and am nowhere ready for CSS anyway, so that answers my question.


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    You can insert both pictures as thumbnails one after the other, using “align none” option for each. Then you can resize them to the size you want by dragging on the corners of each. To get some space between them, use the mountain icon (advanced options) to add 2 or 3 in the “horizontal space.” In the visual editor, highlight both images and select center from the visual editor’s alignment icon.
    You could also do this with html.



    @1tess – Sounds good but … I have inserted both pics as thumbnails and they are side by side but are not visible in the editing box so I don’t know how to resize them. If I click on them in preview post mode, they enlarge separately in a new window.

    I also don’t see either the mountain icon or advanced options anywhere.


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    When you are in the visual editor, you don’t see your pictures side by side? Are you in the html editor instead?

    In the visual editor, when you click on a pic, there is a box that you can pull the corners to make them a different size. That’s also where the mountain icon shows up: only when you click on an image.

    You can’t edit in the preview mode.
    I have to go to work, but perhaps some else will help if this does not.



    @ 1tess – Nope, I never see the gallery pics in the visual editor at all, only in preview mode. I thought that was how the gallery feature worked, but would be delighted to know that I was wrong b/c it’s a screwy system.



    When you insert a gallery you will only see the shortcode in the editor. None of the images will show there.



    (1) New Post
    (2) Add Image
    (3) Click the Media Library tab
    (4) Select an image, click Show
    (5) Select a size
    (6) Click Insert Into Post
    (7) Repeat from step 2

    This works with both Thumbnail size and Medium sizeimages. Medium images are up to 300 pixels wide so you’ll need a wide theme and screen for them to physically fit side by side. If does not work for you please provide the url the post you are having a problem with.



    OOPS! simultaneous typing – sorry.


    @buyathread: You were talking about gallery images while Tess and timethief about non gallery ones. So your answer is Teck’s: no, the gallery feature hasn’t changed. The only difference is that now you can also select options (number of columns etc.) in the gallery screen instead of adding code for them in the shortcode itself.



    Nice I’m liking the new options!!! :)


    I am not sure I’m having the same exact problem as the OP, but when I try ANY method to add photos to my post/page, where I’m wanting them side by side, somthing very odd happens. I am trying to insert 3 photos to a new page, and it shows them fine as I’m editing the post/page but when I hit publish, or update, the last 2 photos disappear, while the first one is there and all the caption text from the other two is converged/merged into the caption text of the first photo. Here’s the page I mean: I have tried the gallery option as well, and well I hate it. It posts ALL the images in my media library into the gallery, and that is not what I want.

    Any ideas?


    Sorry seems my link didn’t work.. here is the correct link:



    1. After you insert an image, make sure the cursor is OUTSIDE it before you insert the next. What you described happens when you try to insert an image with the cursor inside the caption area of the previous image (so the code of the second image gets inside the caption shortcode of the first).

    2. No, a gallery won’t show all your library images. Here’s an excellent post on the gallery feature:


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    I’ve found that if you’re using this method of inserting multiple pictures individually, it’s best to get the images the way you want them before adding captions. I think you have to highlight the pictures again and center them. I rarely use captions because with small images there is not much space for much of a caption and it’s so easy to get inside of the caption area and things get “messed up.” Instead, with a row of pictures, I just center a paragraph describing the pictures, under the row.

    Thanks! That’s a very informative post. Maybe I’ll look at using the gallery feature sometimes. Whenever I’ve tried to use it, I get all messed up and have found it easier to add the pictures one at a time.



    – Good point. Adding captions afterwards is slower but safer.

    – In case you haven’t noticed, that post is by our justjennifer (and it’s the best info on galleries).


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    It’s brilliant!


    Thank you for trying to help, my cursor is not in the caption when I add the next photo. In fact, its 4 lines BELOW the first photo I insterted. So that doesn’t sound like that’s the problem there.

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