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Side by side images

  1. Hi, is there anyway to add images side by side with the image caption text included? Without the image caption text, pictures goes side by side just fine... (ps. don't suggest me photoshop etc, doesn't help in my situation.)(pps. can't use the gallery feature either.)

  2. The gallery feature works fine captions.

  3. ooops...what I meant was "The Gallery feature works fine with captions".

  4. Try using a table in the HTML Write editor if you can't use the Gallery feature (?!). A bit harder to do, but doable.

  5. What's the alignment you specified? If you're talking about pairs of images, then setting the one to align left and the other to align right should make them show up side by side. Otherwise you can use the code for a table, as justjennifer says, or the code for side-by-side paragraphs. Tell us if you need these codes.

  6. I tried without alignment and with left and right align, but i need more than 2 pics side by side, ~4 would be much better. I would love to have the codes, saves me from the hassle. :)

  7. For a single row of four images:


    where "DATA1" etc. is the complete html code for each image, as shown in your html post editor after you upload it.

    If you want more rows of images, use the middle line of the above code repeatedly.

  8. Thanks! :)

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