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  1. My sidebar had dropped and now starts at the end of all the posts. how do I put it back up next to top posts? It's the 'Contempt' template

    cheers guys.

  2. account deleted - responding would be an exercise in futility

  3. It's because your pic in your blogroll is to big. : )

  4. patrtriotsfan, nice work. very appreciated. where do i send the beer? haha

  5. @cliftonevers
    Did you know that this answer was in the FAQs and in the forum search box?

  6. ummm. no mate I didn't. i had a look but couldn't find it and it didn't come up when i searched. thanks for pointing it out, i do tend to check those things first though. but there's every possibility my beergoggles hindered my vision.

    relax, it's all good.

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