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    My blog is OK with Garland. My blog was OK with Garland until I made several color changes, chose Cutline instead, but ended up I wanted Garland and with exactly the same colors and sidebars as the kooiker-blog.

    For the solvt-blog the right sidebar ends at the bottom at the left side – not on the top at right side. I believe I have made exactly the same changes as for the kooiker-blog. Is there any bugs in system or does anyone have any advice?



    First I’m sorry for my english. I’m from Spain.
    I’ve choosen the theme Garland and i can’t change the color customizer.
    Whene i select the colors and press the button “save the changes” it becomes to the same colour’s configuration.

    I’ve tried to change them other times, but it’s always the same ressult: I can’t change the color customizer.

    If anyone knows why please contact me to: [we don’t do house calls – drmike].
    My blog is




    yeah, i have the sabe problem as yobin, if someone knows, please contacte-me
    [we don’t do house calls – drmike]




    If this is still an outstanding problem, both of you must either use the feedback button on the top right hand corner of any of your blog pages to report this to staff. Or, you can email support at wordpress dot com. Either way it’s best to include a link back to this thread in the feedback message or in the email.



    solvt – delete the ‘’ bit in teh sidebar. It’s too wide for the sidebar and the browser doesn’t know where to create a break. You can also convert it into a link with actual link text instead of teh URL.

    yob, lucus and TT, there’s already two threads on the topic. Please take a look at those. Just for reference, I found them by typing ‘garland color’ into the search bar.

    Also, just for reference, I get paid for email support. :)



    Great – it worked!!! Thank you so much!

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