Sidebar and Widget Colours! Help!

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    Hello! I recently chose a new theme (Bueno) that I’m finally happy with for my blog, and after a lot of deliberation uploaded a perfect picture to use as my background picture. My problem is, though, that the sidebar all but disappears into the background! I have tried to figure out a way to change the colour of the text on the sidebar (currently displaying my Twitter feed, archives, category, and the follow me button. Any assistance at all would be very welcome indeed; I’ve struggled to find the perfect theme and the right background – I’ve finally found both, but alas! Frustration abounds!

    Thanks very much,


    PS: I’m hopeless at anything even remotely related to code, so please don’t be annoyed if I ask follow-up questions. :/

    The blog I need help with is



    You can’t change the color of the widget items without the Custom Design upgrade. So it’s either that or a different, very lightly colored, bg image.

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