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    hello, my blog was looking okay until this morning. now, the post is extra wide and the side bar is appearing at the bottom of the post. i checked the support sections and one of them said to clear out all <div> tags from the html/ text viewer. I looked through the post and there did not appear to be any. can you let me know how to fix this? thank you for your help. rebecca

    The blog I need help with is



    When it comes to sidebars falling below the posts the causes are usually two in number (1) copying and pasting content and (2) importing content.
    If you have been copying and pasting text from elsewhere without using either icon 5 or icon 6 in Row 2 of the visual editor, please do this
    Go to Settings > Writing and select “ ___ WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically” and then scroll down and click “Save Changes.”
    Then make a minor inconsequentional edit to your latest post like adding a peiod and removing it and click “update”.

    For much more see >


    hello timethief,

    thank you for answering so quickly. i tried all of that and no dice. for some reason, the issue only appears in firefox. i have also cleared my cache and cookies in firefox and no dice. i’m running firefox 14.0.1. it looks okay in safari. the above, i followed your instruction to the t, didn’t do anything at all. any other ideas? it is much appreciated.




    Hi there,
    I’m visually challenged and I have to be cautious about eye strain so I will not be viewing your source code to find what’s cauing this for you. However, do not despair as another Volunteer, most likely justpi, will do this for you or Staff will. Please hang in there.



    Also note that as you have a premium theme you can post to the premium theme support forum for help. Part of what you paid for was support direct from the theme designer when you bought this theme. Read-access to the premium themes forum is now open to all users so you can search to see if your question has been previously asked and answered there. The premium theme forums are at with separate sections for each theme.

    If you are not successful when searching there is a link for the specific Premium Theme support forum for your theme under Appearance -> Themes in your blog’s Dashboard, but do note that the premium theme must be active and you must be signed in as the user who purchased it in order to see it and post to it.


    thank you, time thief. i truly appreciate you having someone look into it. it was fine yesterday. so, i thought maybe today’s post was causing it, but I tried your method regarding the “nesting” check box and I see no <div> tags any where. When i look at past posts in that version of firefox, it does the same. again, it looks fine in safari. as for premium support, i will contact them too. but, i find they take MUCH longer to get back to me than you guys do. again, thanks for your help. i really appreciate it. rebecca



    If that doesn’t work, the problem is in your widgets. Check each of your text widgets and make sure there are no unclosed tags.


    there are no unclosed tags in my widgets. i even deleted a widget to see if that would fix it. it hasn’t. i did the w3 validator, but i have no idea where to find these coding issues. it REALLY seems to have happened with the most recent post. i have checked it with the w3 validator, but i seem to only be making things worse. ay yay yay.



    And you’ve done this?

    “ ___ WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically”

    I’m using FF and not seeing that problem on your blog.


    yes, i have done that. and individually gone through many, many posts looking for unclosed tags, wide images, or anything else that might be a problem. what version of firefox are you using? i am using firefox version 14.0.1 and i am seeing the issue. the blog looks fine in safari though. i have cleared my cache and cookies in firefox. this is driving me mad.




    This is a long shot, but what is your screen resolution?


    here are a couple of the warning things that are showing up in the validator for the post…but, again, i don’t want to make anything worse…

    Warning Line 896, Column 2054: Element name g:plusone cannot be represented as XML 1.0.

    …08/18/faggy-warnings-on-faggy-things/”></g:plusone></div><li class=”share…

    Error Line 896, Column 2054: Element g:plusone not allowed as child of element div in this context. (Suppressing further errors from this subtree.)

    …08/18/faggy-warnings-on-faggy-things/”></g:plusone></div><li class=”share…

    Content model for element div:
    Flow content.

    Warning Line 920, Column 77: The first occurrence of ID _wpnonce was here.

    …” name=”_wpnonce” value=”dc32402f1a” /> <input type=”submit” value=”Follow…


    1280×800…is that doing it for some reason?


    another odd tidbit, when i hit ‘view’ and then ‘full screen’ in firefox, the blog stretches out and the sidebar goes back to where it should be. what i don’t understand is that i was viewing the blog in firefox completely perfectly just yesterday and not the sidebar appearing below the post. it just doesn’t make sense.


    i seem to have fixed it somehow. tho, i don’t know how. i hit view, full screen a couple of times, that made it appear correctly. i hit reset, but same problem. then i ‘zoomed’ in until the sidebar appeared where it should be. then i hit reset again and it went back to a normal size with the sidebar in the right place. ay yay yay. all morning on this and it was a firefox issue!!! thanks for your help, rain coaster, i truly appreciate it.





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