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    Before I get some ‘See FAQ’ comments, it’s NOT becuase of any pictures greater than 400px in width.

    It’s only in IE – fine in Firefox – and the only thing I can think of is the length of some my urls in the text. If so, what’s the maximum length url / text string you can use?

    Cheers in advance.




    I still have the same problem as you in IE.
    I don’t have any lebgthy urls in my text – so that’s an unlikely cause.




    Being rude doesn’t give us much interest in helping you. You’ll note that when I suggest someone to review the FAQ, I point them to a specific post and the reason why. The FAQ is there for a reason because those questions are the ones that are asked over and over again. You have no idea how tired I am of repeating the same thing over and over again to folks who think they should be giving everything on a silver platter around here. My time is valuable. No one gets paid for helping out around here.

    But anyway…

    Could it be those 2 BBC links that stretch across the page? :)

    You’ll note that if you quick thru on any of those other posts, the sidebar is fine but when you click thru on those two posts, the sidebar is still broken.

    Hope this helps,



    Apologies if I sounded rude – I wasn’t intending on have a go, especially at you drmike, cos I’ve seen in my short time here how much you give to the site and the community.

    Rereading what I wrote I can understand how it can be easily misinterpretted – sorry.

    I edited the 2 BBC links and it appears to have solved it :)

    Any ideas what the maximum length text string you can use is so it wont happen again?



    Here’s a site that shortens long urls:



    Not a problem. :)

    Actually why not just use ‘Link’ as the link text and put the URL in the tag?

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