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Sidebar blocks posts in Silver is the New Black, Blogorator widget not working

  1. I have two questions:
    1) The sidebar is blocking some posts in the Sliver is the New Black theme, how do I fix that?
    2) The Blogorator rating widget ( ) doesn't work on text widgets

    Thanks in advance!

  2. The max image size in posts with the "Silver is the New Black" theme is 800 px (see also:; larger images get "cut" from the sidebar. The solution is to post smaller images.

    Probably the blogorator widget uses javascript or flash or frames: all these technologies are not allowed on blogs.

  3. Thanks for the Blogorator help, however some of the problem posts don't have images and are still cut from the sidebar. Sometimes you can't see the link to post and see comments, and other times parts of the posts are blocked.
    My site is

  4. Wait, is it because I once had an oversize image and so every post after that is cut off?

  5. Yes, it's because all those images in "Good persons test" are (in the sum) wider than 800px and break the layout. I'd suggest to put them in a table, not more than 3 in a row (which makes about 760px), and it should work.

    [edit: not all your posts, only the ones on the front page as long as the big picture composition is still visible - that's real life html ;-)]

  6. Thanks, that is what I thought! Also for the fast reply! Thanks!

  7. Wait, does it take time for everything to change back after I change the Good Person Test post? Because it is still the same. Thanks!

  8. Are the 'Keep In Perspective' images too big, do I need to make them thumbnails or smaller? That may be another problem...aside of the 'Good Person Test'

  9. In today's post there's a solitary
    tag at the end of the post, which breaks your theme. Just delete it.

  10. wow thanks!

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