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    I’ve been working and reading and reading and working for days. I am almost ready to go live with my redesigned blog but I have one thing left I’d like to do. I’d like to change the font used on the sidebar header to a “scriptina” font. I just can’t seem to find that one area to modify.

    In Mistylook, so far I’ve added a background color. Custom designed a blog header larger than the generic one and inserted it properly, changed the color behind my sidebar items, enlarged the size of the type on the actual blog posts, and some other minor tweaking. I haven’t uploaded any of this yet but I have the CSS upgrade and I feel like I’m just minutes away. I’ve tinkered with the line h1, h2, etc. but that changed the blog post title font and not the sidebar. I liked the font changed on the blog post title but it crowded the copy underneath it …date, etc.

    I really appreciate all the help provided on this forum. I am not computer savvy but I’m very determined and tenacious. This is very minor stuff to most of you but I am really proud of my efforts.

    Thank you for any tips you might offer.


    The blog I need help with is


    First, let me say that using “odd” fonts that are not part of a standard computer font set means that most people who go to your site are not going to see the font you have selected. Their browsers will substitute either the browser standard serif or sans-serif font for your chosen font if it is not installed on the visitor’s computer. I checked both my Mac and my PC, and neither had the “scriptina” font, so I will never see that font on your blog.

    As far as helping with changing the font for the sidebar titles, I cannot help if I cannot see the blog. We need a link to the blog.



    Thank you for your help. I didn’t leave a link to the blog because it isn’t live with the changes. I have a placeholder theme temporarily.

    I understand what you’re saying about the font not being part of standard computer fonts and I’m glad I didn’t make the mistake of using one that isn’t common.



    Scriptina is not on any of my 4 computers – mac or XP.

    Add ” font-family:Scriptina; ” to li.sidebox h2 . Most people are only going to see times roman though.


    Unless people have downloaded and installed that font, they simply will not see it.



    Thank you. I can live with the font that’s there. Just wanted to pretty it up and to compliment the font I used in my header.

    About to upload the changes. I am soooo nervous!




    ewigginton you can use the @font face option, however I do know that Scriptina does not current have one, check out these….. one of the, should do. Follow the instructions and you should be fine. Here’s the link: – Hope it helps!!



    Does that, in fact, work at WordPress.COM?



    It does, the trick is you’ll have to upload the font into your inc folder along with the css files. Its font embedding just a Google search on ‘@font face for wordpress’ or ’embedded fonts on wordpress’. Hope it helps.


    @exondus, it won’t work here at wordpress.COM. We cannot upload CSS files or anything else here at wordpress.COM. We can upload images and such for display in posts and pages, but nothing else.

    You need to read the thread at the top of the forum explaining the differences between wordpress.COM and wordpress.ORG.



    Thanks anyway for trying! I appreciate you all and especially TSP for clarifying before I gave it a go {not knowing any differently}.


    You’re welcome.



    Ooooooh! Apologies to y’all. I completely overlooked that. Phepi.


    Not a problem.

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