Sidebar completely disappeared from front end and font size shrunk :(

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    Ever since the dashborad recently changed, the sidebar completely disappeared from the front end and the font size shrunk on the front end as well as the back end :( When I look at my “appearance” settings, everything looks normal there, the sidebar should technically be seen on the right hand nav but for some reason it’s all the way at the bottom of the page…

    The blog I need help with is



    What theme are you using?

    Have you tried resetting the theme? (Enable the default theme and revert back to the theme you like) Maybe that should solve your problem.

    Else, contact support when they are back tomorrow. :-)



    Oh and if you were using the Cutline theme, read this:




    The image in your latest post is pretty big: try reducing it ten pixels or so. That should probably bring the sidebar back.



    We have some other examples of what could cause this here on the Support site as well. See


    The theme I have is Modularity Lite. As for the image size, I’ve always been using the same size for pretty much all of my photos but I’ve never had this problem before. For some reason I tend to think it’s related to the changes they made to the dashboard, I dont have the same one that I did before, and all of my problems happened from the moment they changed it.
    Anyways, thanks for your help… I’ll try all your suggestions and report back :)



    Have you tried resizing it? Sometimes they change the way the themes work, as you can see from the Pressrow/Coraline/Cutline chaos.


    I tried re-sizing my last image from 590 to 530px. Still not working… Also checked the link about the layout issues and it looks like my problem isn’t just with one post, it’s with all of them. They say that it might be due to some widgets I’m using, so I removed my Twitter widget since I thought it might be the most problematic one, but it’s still not working.
    I’ll trying changing themes now.


    Forgot to mention that even the fonts in the back-end all shrunk… so I’m pretty sure it’s unrelated to anything I’m doing…



    Did you change the resolution on your monitor, or upgrade your browser? These all sound like your browser has changed its settings; check under View in your browser.


    Nope, didn’t do any of those. But if that was the issue wouldn’t the font be different everywhere else on my computer as well? It’s only my WordPress that’s acting weird…
    Anyhoo… I just changed the theme on my blog… it was easier :)


    If the zoom level in your browser somehow, mysteriously got changed, then it would only affect the site where it got changed. The browser will remember what zoom level is set for which site.

    Go to the view menu and set the zoom level back to the default and see if that doesn’t fix the font size issue.

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