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sidebar differs upon same 'Ocean Mist' theme

  1. The sidebar on my testing blog contains BROWSE, LINKS, and SUBSCRIBE;
    whereas my public blog, does not. Both use the 'Ocean Mist' theme.
    (The content of the testing blog imported the XML file from the public blog.) Thanks.

  2. Check under Design - Widgets that you have the same widgets in both.

  3. That DOES seem to create a similar sidebar. Seems sort of arbitrary in that the absence of widgets causes 'browse, links, and subscribe to appear in the sidebar. Must 'subscribe' disappear if'n I use widgets? I don't see a widget for 'subscribe'.

  4. Most themes come with a small preset selection of sidebar items. When you add some widgets yourself, this selection is cancelled. What you see in your test blog is Ocean Mist's preset; and the differences are due to the fact that the preset isn't actually using some of the available widgets but artificially generating them via HTML from the sidebar.php file.

  5. Okay. Thanks for your help!

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