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    My blog’s sidebar has disappeared from the home page (, but it shows up when you click on an individual post. I have no idea how this happened or how to fix it. Help please!



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    I have two blogs on (samalbahaykubo and envirohk). The sidebar only shows up when I click on the header. I want the sidebar always visible…how?



    These are clickable links
    Now that I have made them clickable I will visit your blogs and begin to deal with your issue.



    I see sidebars on both blogs so I do not know what you are concerned about. Every time we click the header on the blog the page reloads. This is normal behavior.



    You’ve probably either got your monitor resolution set too tightly or you’re using IE, which does this when FF doesn’t.

    One of your Images is too wide, in all likelihood. When viewing with IE you need to make the images at least 10 pixels narrower than the column or this happens.

    Set your blog to show one post per page and scroll back till you find which post it is that breaks things. then fix it.


    I’m a Firefox user!


    @samalbahaykubo: Perhaps you’ve got a slow connection, and it times out before your page fully loads, because of all those huge images. You’ve been uploading images at a resolution of 1800 (which is a complete waste of uploading space as well). You should edit copies of them to turn their resolution to 72, and upload those copies. Also reduce the number of posts per page; or consider using the more tag or the nextpage tag in your posts.



    The two clickable links that Timethief so nicely added here :) aren’t the
    Isn’t that the blog you had in question Samal? That’s the one you put in your original post.



    Sry that didn’t come up as clickable.



    duh sry I just realized that it’s two different posters. blah


    panaghiotisadam – you could be onto something there. I’m dealing with what passes for broadband in NZ; and the photos are all scanned from 35mm negs, but I thought by selecting the option up from thumbnails I’d sorted the resolution.
    Not sure what you mean by more page or next page tags, I’ll have to look again at the controls.
    Thanks, though


    1. Selecting the thumbnail option changes the dimensions, not the resolution.

    2. See here:


    I think I resolved the sidebar issue by doing a re-save of each of the widgets. I read this on another similar thread. Seems a bit clunky that every time a new widget is loaded, you need to re-save all the existing ones.

    I can see where I went wrong on the page-post hierarchy. WordPress should think about moving the ‘pages’ tab above the ‘post’ tab. As a first timer, the impression I got was that a page was a sub-set of a post.
    Is there an easy way of transferring stuff from a post to a page, or do I have to go through the whole drafting process again? (Sorry, this is getting away from the thread topic a bit)



    There is NO automatic way to transfer Page contents into a Post or from a Post into a Page. You will have to copy and paste.


    Copy & paste is better than I’d hoped.



    I found this thread because I thought I was having the same problem. At my blog
    the sidebar does not appear when you go to the top level of the blog, but if you go to a specific entry, for instance, the sidebar is there.

    I tried resaving the widgets, as suggested above. No luck. Anyone have any suggestions?




    Have you looked through here:

    And double-check what pana said above about the More tag


    @ajblogsat: Your sidebar does show up, only it’s at the bottom of the page. The post that causes the problem is “Critique of Panwapa and Math Doodles”. Go to Settings>Writing, select the option “WordPress should correct [etc]”, click Save Changes; then go to the post editor for that post, make any insignificant change (e.g. add then remove a space), click Update Post. Let us know if that fixed things or not.

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