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    Thanks in advance for any help on this. Have searched the forums but can’t find anything of a similar nature.

    Using theme Sapphire 1.0

    When users first load my blog the side bar appears with main text as latest post. Clicking on a link to another page works fine but if you click on a link to a previous post then the sidebar disappears. There is a link to the next post but to get the sidebar back you have to click on the title and go back to the main page.

    Hope this makes sense.



    I’m familiar with the theme that you are using as I used to run it on my site. The “post” pages and the “pages” page are designed around two different layouts or function calls. That’s how the theme creator designed it.

    That was the first thing I changed when I used it on my blog hosted elsewhere.

    Since we’re not allowed to change the themes here, I’m afraid that you’re stuck with that.


    One problem with this approach…

    How does a user viewing the current page know how to get to the rest of the blog ??
    ( i.e. the main page / the links … )

    He/she has to somehow discover that the title is ahyperlink..




    the title is ahyperlink..

    That’s common with most blogs. Most themes also have a link at the top of the Next Article/ Previous Article line that returns them to the home page.

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