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    Why does my side bar dissappear on every post, but not on any pages?

    I think it might perhaps be my CSS, but I’m not sure. I’m using the Sandbox theme with ‘no CSS’ as an option.
    Copied the Kubrik posted CSS and modified it to fit my colors and images, and am not sure what I did wrong.

    I’d post my CSS if that might be the issue, if that’s not the issue, please try to help me discern what is the issue :P


    It could be the CSS. Have you experienced the problem since you modified the CSS or did it work right for a while?

    Have you been copying and pasting from Word, or from another program or off the web (I can’t get to your blog right now, wordpress is being finicky).



    whoops, well I just read that Kubrik renders absolutely NO sidebar on any individual posts so….the question now becomes, how do I make the sidebar show up?

    I’m not familiar with all the divs on the sandbox theme yet, or I’d have not copied over the CSS from the posted Kubrik format. But…I had no choice n_n;;


    The W3C xhtml validator says there is a missing end tag for a table on your main page. If so, that could cause the problem.



    I can’t modify the HTML on the page :(


    Interestingly, in Safari 3, your main page is all wonky, but in Firefox 3 it isn’t. Usually those browsers track together.



    meh, I just took off the kubrik part and kept only what I modified.
    now to just get the text size back where it was before

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