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Sidebar dropped to bottom of page

  1. After toying with themes and widgets, my sidebar dropped to the bottom of page.

    I attempted to clean-up some code and close tabs, but I am a newbie with code in general and i I'm not making progress.

    Please help :)

  2. Usually this happens because you've got an image or table that is wider than your current column will allow. If you choose a theme with a wider post column, things should be okay. Or you can set your blog to display only one post at a time and click Previous until you find the one causing the problem and change the size of whatever it is that's causing it.

    One other cause is when you have a Div tag that's split by the More tag. Make sure that the Div tags are all closed BEFORE the More tag, on posts where you use them. That's been happening a lot.

  3. thanks for your help!

    i will try the blog by blog to find errors. what is a Div tag and a More tag?

  4. The MORE tag is when you split a post so people have to click the "Read more" link to read the rest of a post. It's been causing a lot of problems lately.

    The Div tag you will see if you click on the Code editor: usually paragraphs start with a P tag, like <p align="Center" kinda thing. Sometimes that switches to Div, for no reason anyone knows. Just change it to p instead of div and everything should be okay.

  5. 1. Edit this post:

    2. switch to "code" (in the editor)

    3. look for this code:

    width='425' height='350'></embed></object></span>

    4. remove the p tag at the end and insert a div tag. The result should look like this:

    width='425' height='350'></embed></object></span>

    5. save

    It is indeed an unclosed div tag just before the more tag.
    The "more" tag ist that function which allows you to break a post with a "(more...)" link. If you add it to an existing text it might produce such errors. I use to insert it on a new line at the end of a paragraph, then it does not break anything.

    Edit: Probably you won't be able to see the "embed" code: look for the audio tag you inserted.

  6. Sorry to bring this sore subject up. But I can't seen to rectify my sidebar problem on my own. I have searched every post for an open tag and can't seem to find one (or three). As I play with the codes I am making things worse. Now my post titles are losing their colors.
    Sad puppy eyes seeking help.


    There's your problem. The picture is too wide for the column.

  8. The problem is likely due to images that are too wide for the post area in your theme. Neo-sapien has a maximum image width of 450px, and the image in "a tree and a river" is 800px wide. Over you, six word story, bowl of roses, quiet, unto you, all have images that are over 450px. Make those images less than 450px wide and I expect your problem will go away.

  9. Thanks Rain, I'll resize it.
    Geez, I spent better than an hour... Grrrrrrr

  10. Thanks all will do..;)

  11. See, we had this issue answered in the first response in this very thread. It saves everyone time if you check the whole thread for answers. It is a bit of a sore spot, but only because that particular day we'd answered the same question in eight different threads because people didn't read the ones that were there.

  12. Well the pages were fine as you saw the other dat when I was trying to get the Last .fm widget to work. I aborted that and then was tweaking colors when I lost my side bar. I just changed back to Chaos and it is all messed up to. I removed the image from a Tree and a River and Golly It's screwed up worse now.

  13. No, it's not. The theme you're using now doesn't display the sidebar on individual posts.

  14. Look again, I am resizing all. And the sidebar is there. I was using Chaos for a long time till I changed recently to Neo-Sap, with no problems with any image sizes.

  15. Can you be more specific than "it's all screwed up?"

  16. Ok, now I have it set to one post at a time and a simple one for my first. But ,No sidebar?

    Think I should go Fishing instead?

  17. Ahh Haa !!! Could it be the comment avatar in my about ??? Seems that it all started after their comment now that i think deeper into this...

  18. glutenfreesteve

    Ok, I need help as well. My sidebar is now at the bottom as well and I never use the "more" functionality. I just resized a picture (the pizza) but not sure what else is on my page right now that would need resized? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

  19. steve, your sidebar look fine to me, do you still have problems with it?

  20. glutenfreesteve

    Isadora - it looks fine in Firefox, but in IE, it's at the bottom of the page. :-(

  21. I think it's in the recipe section on this post: Passover is coming in April - many gf products will be available.

    It looks like it may have been copied and pasted from the web and it brought in a lot of html and such. Things like<span class="health-green-head"> and <div class="q" style="font-weight: bold;">

    I would copy the recipe section back out, delete it from the post, and then insert it again using the "paste as plain text" button on the extended tool bar.

  22. glutenfreesteve

    Help me Obi Wan, you're my only one.
    That didn't seem to work - I even deleted the text and just put a link instead and it's still showing at the bottom of the page. ARGH! I wish I knew HTML and wasn't just a basic blogger. I appreciate everyone's help.

  23. Temporarily set your blog to display only one post per page (options > reading) and then go through the posts one at a time to see which one is causing the issue. Post back here with the link to that post (or posts) and I'll take another look to see what I can find. On my first run through nothing except for the recipe jumped out at me.

  24. At least it would be helpful if you could recall since when the sidebar slipped to the bottom: after posting? After inserting a sidebar widget? After changing theme? Do you see the sidebar if you look a single post? Your source code doesn't look that bad, I don't know where to start from.

  25. glutenfreesteve: your blog looks fine to me, - the sidebar is sitting exactly where is should and I have a IE browser...

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