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Sidebar dropping to bottom of page

  1. My sidebar on my front page drops to the bottom. I've looked at the HTML and there are no <div> tags that I can see. It Happens in the post Joyrides for Grandma. I'm not sure which others are causing it, too. Thanks for your help.
    Blog url:

  2. The code of the captioned image is messed up. You need to remove this from the HTML editor:

    <p><a href=""><img class="size-full wp-image-148" title="old-lady-speeding" src="" alt=""   /></a></p>
    <dl class="wp-caption alignleft">
    <dt class="wp-caption-dt"></dt>
    <dd class="wp-caption-dd">Gonna hit the road and then gonna hit something on the road.</dd>

    Then re-insert the image.

  3. Help! I am having the same problem -- my right sidebar dropping to the bottom of the page. Also, the black admin bar on the blog doesn't work.

  4. I don't have any stray <div> tags that I can see. I checked the last ten posts. Even checked some older posts. The blog was fine until I posted my lasted entry. I even deleted the content and repasted it using the text editor. The sidebar is still dropped, and is dropped for all posts.

  5. What about OTHER tags? Did you change that setting under Settings->General? Did you check your widgets for open tags?

  6. I changed the setting under Settings->Writing. I reposted and updated the article. I checked my widgets, and didn't see any open tags. Could they have opened if they were closed? The only thing I did different today was post an article. Everything was fine during the posting except that the image uploader didn't work right away.

  7. One weird thing happened while posting the article -- after I clicked publish, the image disappeared so I had to add the image again and update the post.

  8. I see your sidebars just fine. Is it still dropped for you? The left or the right?

  9. The right sidebar is dropped. I checked the blog on firefox and it looks fine, but on IE, the sidebar is dropped and the admin bar doesn't load right.

  10. Which version of IE are you using? Not all are supported, and if you've done any CSS editing, IE is notoriously difficult to work with.

  11. I'm using the most current. IE 8, I think. And I don't do any CSS editing. My blog has been static for years, but something happened while I was posting today.

  12. I have IE 9

  13. Okay, I "figured it out". I clicked the box ensuring the html code works. Then I cut and pasted the culprit post and reposted it. It's worked fine.

  14. Nothing has changed. It's still dropped on IE 9.

  15. And the black admin bar on the blog still doesn't work.

  16. Define "doesn't work." What do you expect it to do when you take action? What action do you take? What happens then?

  17. One possible problem is the image cover images you have added. The right sidebar in Garland is 188px wide but those images are a lot larger, and IE has issues with images downsized the 'normal' way. You should downsize all these images to the right pixel width, using an image editing application or an online tool, and upload those versions. If you can't do that, use Text widgets instead of image widgets, with the code I'm giving here:

    But the sidebar issue might also be due to the "infinite scrolling" that WP added to Garland. See here, solution B:

  18. (image cover images > book cover images).

  19. When you're reading a blog post, and you hover over the name of your blog in the left hand side of the admin bar, normally you get a dropdown box with several choices, such as dashboard, stats, widgets, etc. I don't get dropdown box. On the right hand side, the icons are shuffled, first comes the search icon, then new post. And if I hover the mouse on my name, I don't get the drop down box to manage the blog, find friends, etc.

  20. Well, I know one thing -- the problem has nothing to do with my post today. I have five blogs with the same theme, just different colors, and I notice that all of them have dropped sidebars in IE, and disabling scrolling didn't work.

  21. Which version of IE are you using? If you are using IE9 and have it running in compatibility mode then that reduces the function to rendering as IE7 does and IE7 is not supported.

  22. And I never said the problem has to do with your latest post: if it had, we would have told you what to correct in that post. Please don't ignore the advice re the oversized images.

  23. justpi, I won't ignore the advice. But why all of a sudden today did all five of the blogs go bonkers.

    timethief, I am on IE9, but not compatability mode.

    I disabled infinite scrolling, and that didn't work, so I followed the instructions about disabling it by switching to a theme with a footer, adding a widget to the footer, and then switching back, but the sidebar is still at the bottom, and the admin bar still doesn't work.

  24. I changed the images, and still the sidebars are dropped and the admin bar is screwed up.

  25. 1) "But why all of a sudden today did all five of the blogs go bonkers."
    I guess because both MS and WP change things all the time. Maybe it's a new bug that WP will find and correct.
    But oversized images breaking a theme in IE is a common issue anyway, so you should take care of that, especially since various users use various versions of IE.

    2) "I changed the images, and still the sidebars are dropped". Which blog are you referring to? you didn't change them in .

  26. You're talking about the widget images, right? Only the top two are image widgets, the other three covers are html code. And I changed the top two images. (Just didn't change the image you get when you click the photo. But now I did so you can see the change.)

  27. And yes, I changed the images in . I'll wait to change the other blogs until I get this one straightened out.

  28. I had checked your sourcecode, so I know what widgets they are! No, I'm talking about all the images: doesn't make any difference if they have been inserted via an Image or a Text widget, the result is the exact same type of code.
    If you don't want to edit the other images, modify the code in the Text widgets as I'm suggesting in the post I linked to. That is, remove the standard width and height indications and turn this:
    <img ETC ETC
    to this:
    <img style="width:188px;" ETC ETC

    Sorry for insisting, but clearing this up will help others too.

  29. I uploaded smaller images for all of them.

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