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Sidebar dropping to bottom of page

  1. Two of them aren't small enough: daismall is 207px wide and ashfbordersm1 is 209 while they should be 188 or less. And the alignment of all of them should be set to none, not left.

  2. I changed the size of those two images to 188 and align none.

  3. So, the images are changed, the scrolling turned off. Any other suggestions as to what I can try?

  4. justpi, I've been reading your blog. I didn't realize WP no longer helps with matters such as this one, so I appreciate your helping me try to find a way out of this mess.

  5. I hoped the problem would miraculoulsy clear up over night, but I'm still having the same problems with my blog. When viewed with IE9, the sidebars have dropped to the bottom, and the admin bar is not working. When you're reading a blog post, and you hover over the name of your blog in the left hand side of the admin bar, normally you get a dropdown box with several choices, such as dashboard, stats, widgets, etc. I don't get dropdown box. On the right hand side, the icons are shuffled, first comes the search icon, then new post. And if I hover the mouse on my name, I don't get the drop down box to manage the blog, find friends, etc.

  6. Having trouble with our blog as well ( in IE, but not FF.

    Right-side menu (using links in Widgets) is pushed down to the bottom-left of the blog.

    Also, "share" buttons not displaying (but links still there).

    Also, when logged into system, the links in the top black bar (e.g. to manage blog, check status, logout, etc.) are all over the place (i.e. not lined up where they're supposed to be).

    I've deleted temp internet files, history, etc. and problem persists. This is definitely an issue with the WordPress platform and/or Garland theme.

  7. I manage blogs with other themes, and so far, the problem is only with my Garland theme blogs.

  8. I have flagged this thread so it gets moved to the Themes Forum where Themes Staff can respond to it. Note there are 2 other threads

  9. @ptbertram: You're welcome. Sorry I didn't respond earlier - I was out of town. There's nothing else you can try: you'll have to wait till WP staff find out what new bug crept up and fix it.

  10. @justpi: Thanks again. I really do appreciate the time you took with me.

  11. I'm having the same problem with my blog.

  12. I have a different theme, but similar problem with the sidebar pushed down and the date for a past post pushed up to where the sidebar should be. My blog is in the Elegant Grunge theme.

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