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    The sidebar on my blog is displaying at the bottom of the page on all pages. I know this is a common problem, but none of the solutions in the FAQ seem to work. It came up while I was editing this page:

    I added a couple of horizontal lines, and also added some span tags to increase the size of some text. The images were already there. When I published, the sidebar was showing up at the bottom of the screen, and not just on that particular page. On every page. It’s happening in Firefox, but not IE. I’ve inspected all the code, and it seems fine to me.

    I tried switching to a different theme (Black-LetterHead) to see what would happen, and the sidebar problem was fixed. But when I switched back to ChaoticSoul, it went right back to the bottom.

    Any ideas?



    Have you tried clearing your cache? It looks fine here.


    I just wanted to add that I tried deleting the page that seems to have caused the problem (, but the issue still remained.


    One thing I see is that some of your images are too wide for the post space. Chaoticsoul has a maximum image width of 480px and some of your images are 500px. That can cause the sidebar to head to the bottom.


    Thanks, thesacredpath, I’ll try resizing the images, but I don’t understand how that could be the problem. The images were all on the page, at the exact same size, before I edited and broke the page. Also, this post:

    has no images, but the sidebar still appears at the bottom of the page in my browser.

    vivianpaige, what browser/version are you using?


    @midnight, that page you just referenced according to W3C’s XHTML validator is 100% clean which means the sidebar should not be going to the bottom and I see absolutely nothing on that page that should cause issues.

    I’ve looked at your site with Safari 3 and FF 3 (both on Mac) and see no problems in either of those, and I just activated the theme on one of my test blogs with lots of images and again saw no problems. I don’t have either of my PC laptops running so I can’t check in IE7.

    Are you by chance using IE6?


    I’m using IE7, but I’m not having any problems in IE. Jut Firefox (3.0.5). I tried clearing the cache, but I’m still seeing the sidebar problem. Am I the only one?


    FF 3.0.5 on Mac doesn’t have that problem. My guess is that it is a problem with FF 3.0.5 for Windows although I think that is what Vivian uses.

    One thing to try is make sure that you have not accidentally zoomed in or enlarged the text display in your browser (view menu > zoom > reset).


    Well I just got home from work, and checked on my home PC in Firefox 3, and things look normal. Not sure what’s going on, but I’m going to mark this as resolved. Thanks for your help, guys.


    You’re very welcome.

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