Sidebar & Footer Problem with Flyout CSS Editor

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    My sidebar is on the right hand side, and I also use a footer.

    With removing the “old” ability to edit the CSS and only having the “customize” flyout way… I’m not seeing any preview, let alone live, because there aren’t any scroll bars for the blog portion, only scrollbars for the flyout/customize modules.

    Yes, the flyout will fly back, and then I have to go and find my changes, and then try to remember exactly what I did, and undo it, because… prior revisions no longer exist. Then make the changes again, and again, and…

    This is causing more work than it did before (not to mention making me dizzy with all the flyout and back) because I need to make notes on paper of every change I’ve made.

    The lack of prior revisions is really troubling – I am so far from any kind of CSS expert, and being able to rely on those prior revisions has saved me from nightmares (and saved this forum from scores of frantic “Help!” posts) and given me the courage to play with the CSS. Through that “play” I’ve learned a lot… I wouldn’t dare do it now.

    I am really not liking this, at all. And it’s not a matter of not liking change… I’m not liking the removal of functionality that existed before, and not liking the extra work because of it.

    CSS editing can be a challenge to begin with – making it more difficult will only serve to make this forum busier.


    The blog I need help with is


    @sensuous, you can access the old editor by putting this on the end of your base URL:


    Temporary fix for you at least. :)


    @thesacredpath – you just made my day. Thank you, thank you, thank you! (And it is so very good to see you back here! :-) )


    You are welcome, but at some point, when staff have all the kinks worked out, the customize small editor window will be all we have. Hopefully the issues you mention will be history by then.


    I realize the temporary fix will eventually disappear and that small window will be all that exists. :-(

    I think my best bet is to rely more on firebug, and then just drop the changes into the editor window, here. Even with the coding I do know, it helps me to see it to tweak it more. Any ideas other than/better than firebug?

    Thank you… again!


    Any ideas other than/better than firebug?

    I’m fond of the web inspector in Chrome, but I think thesacredpath likes Firebug (or the built-in Firefox) web inspector better.


    That’s definitely a problem if the preview isn’t working at all. Could you please let me know which theme you’re currently using and verify your blog URL for me? I’ll try some tests to see if I can reproduce the problem.

    I will also see what I can find out about the possibility of adding revisions to the live preview version of the CSS editor.


    I tested my blog with Chrome 26, Firefox 20, and Safari 6.0.2 as well as IE9 on Win7 and live previews worked in all of my tests.

    But now that I re-read your original post, it sounds like you can see live previews working in the new interface, you just can’t scroll them without letting the slide-out panel collapse first. Is that correct?

    I actually use a Mac trackpad instead of a mouse, so I can scroll regardless. Would you mind replying back with a bit more info about what kind of mouse you’re using?


    The theme is 2011, and the blog is:

    I discovered the “snapshot” and am playing with that a bit, but am hopeful that revisions will be added back – thank you!

    (I have AdBlock and all such add-ons turned off for all of WordPress. The browser is Firefox 20.0 (mac) which is the most current.)

    I don’t know if it is related, I don’t see the previews of Fonts, either (or the actual fonts I’m using) – preview doesn’t like me! :-(


    @sensuous, I’ve noticed that the font preview is slow to respond when you are first playing with the fonts, but I also saw that problem with the old font preview as well. Sometimes it seems to take WordPress and Typekit a bit to get things loaded and running.


    @thesacredpath – thanks to the trick you gave me above, I was able to figure out how to load the old “fonts” page and that loads my present fonts and I can change them. There is a bit of a lag, but a short one.

    The new customize page doesn’t ever get to them, I only ever see the stock theme fonts. I will keep trying, though!


    The new customize page doesn’t ever get to them, I only ever see the stock theme fonts. I will keep trying, though!

    Just posting a reference link. I’m keeping track of the fonts issue over here:


    I’m not seeing any preview, let alone live, because there aren’t any scroll bars for the blog portion, only scrollbars for the flyout/customize modules.

    To clarify, you are seeing a live preview for CSS changes but the problem is that you cannot scroll those live previews, is that correct?


    Also, @sensuousinkspiller, do you typically click and drag the scrollbars inside the browser or do you use a mouse with a wheel or a ball on it for scrolling? I use an Apple Magic Mouse, and I don’t have any trouble scrolling on Customize live previews.


    I’m not seeing live previews for CSS changes.

    Additionally, there aren’t any scroll bars on the blog portion with the flyout, well, out, so I have to click to get the flyout to fly back, scroll down, click to get the flyout. There ARE scroll bars on the flyout, and on the “Customize” menu/

    I typically click and drag the scroll bars, for me it is more precise.


    IMPORTANT! :-)

    This WAS user error – somehow, DNT+ (do not track plus) had been reactivated – whitelisting WordPress allows me to see the live previews for CSS. YAYAY!

    (Not having scroll bars to see underneath the fly out is still not ideal, but… at least I’m seeing previews!!)

    Sorry for not checking that – I know DNT+ and AdBlock don’t play well with WordPress, and I should have checked.


    Yay for finding the solution! And double yay for posting back with the answer!!

    I’d consider that a browser extension conflict, not a user error, btw. :)

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