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    I have been running under the Regulus theme for months. No issues with the sidebar under IE6 or Firefox. Switched to ChaoticSoul and the sidebar displays after all of the posts, but only in IE6. Firefox works just fine. I assume that is is something in one of the posts because if I go to a single post or look at posts under a particular tag, IE6 works ok. I have not identified the culprit, but since it is not a problem with Regulus, is there a defect in ChaoticSoul?



    Not that I know of. It’s likely that your columns are different widths in the new template, and that one of your images is too large for where it is placed in the new one. If you want to test it, click on a single post with either a very small or no image to look JUST at that post. If it’s fine and the sidebar is where it should be, this is the problem. You’ll have to scroll through the posts to find the widest image and shrink it.



    Just for reference, the pic in this post is not showing up. Blogger does not allow hotlinking from their server.

    You’re going to have to switch over to the theme in question for us to see what is occuring. I’m off to lunch in a bit but I’ll be online most of the afternoon if you want me to check.



    Hi DrMike,

    A couple of things… The pick in the post that you referenced is showing up for me. Why would that be?

    Regarding the sidebar issue, I have located the post that is causing the problem. It’s this post:

    If I resize the pic smaller, the sidebar behaves as expected. As a test, I tried resizing the pic (in Regulus theme) to as big as the editing window would allow, and Regulus still displays the sidebar correctly. It does crop off the right side of the pic so that it fits. Switching back over to ChaoticSoul, I noticed that the pic is not cropped, but displays over the sidebar.

    So, I see the difference in the two themes. Is either behavior right or wrong? The blog is currently wearing ChaoticSoul if you want to look.



    When it comes to how images are treated some themes chop, some scrunch and some allow overflow. If you are looking for a specific behaviour perhaps engtech’s theme review results will be of interest to you



    The pick in the post that you referenced is showing up for me.

    Because it’s in your browser’s cache probably. I’m on a different network than i was this morning and I’m still not seeing it. I can copy the link and pull it up directly in the browser though. After doing that I can see it on the page since it’s already loaded into cache. Clear your browser’s cache and reload the page. Chances are you won’t see the pic. Also this issue comes up about every other day around here. :)

    Just for reference, using IE 6.0.2900 at 1280 x 1024, the site displays fine and the sidebar is where it’s suppose to be. Ditto with Netscape 7.2 and the same resolution.

    Some themes will either allow an overly wide picture to display fully pushing into the sidebar and forcing it to the bottom. Other themes will overlap. It’s a matter of what’s set within the page’s CSS and, I’ve got to admit that’s a bit more advanced than what I normally do with CSS. Maybe someone else can fill in here. (I’ll drop staff a feedback and see if they can teach us both.)



    I do remember throwing in overflow: hidden yesterday. If I can recall, people would have rather had their images cut off than scrunched (we got a lot of complaints about that).

    I also tested and made sure that it was working in IE6, using the post that you gave – and it did work fine for me.



    Bryan: Thanks, it looks great.
    DrMike: Doh!!! forgot about local cache. Thanks for the tip.



    Not a problem. :)

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