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    Since using wordpress a few days ago, all my sidebar items — text, RSS, profile, etc.—disappeared and it reads “default sidebar.” As it took me much time to customize the sidebar, how was it lost? Can it be found?



    Often the information that you put in those text widgets are still saved, it is a matter of dragging them back into place. If you change themes, it sometimes resorts to the “default sidebar” and what i do is drag my widgets that I created back into place. Try that and see if they still hold the same values (they always do for me).




    My sidebar just dropped to the bottom of my posts. How do I get it to be a sidebar again?



    Sidebars tend to fall when we put large images or copy and paste text into a post that exceed the maximums for the blogging space in our various themes. This is a helpful resource



    reduce the size of your New Year’s Eve photo, its width exceeds that of the post column.



    Thanks for taking the time to help but…I reduced the photo to smaller than the photo I had on yesterday (when the sidebar was still there) but it’s not making a difference.



    I think it’s the Christmas Tree picture you are linking from Photobucket. The image is 536 pixels wide, but the theme you are using only supports pictures up to 450 pixels wide.



    I’ve had that pic up for awhile and the sidebar was still there buuuttt…I went in and shrunk it and still no luck. I checked all the pics on the site and none are now over 450px. The bright side is (thanks to you all’s help), I’m learning a bunch about how my blog works.



    Well, the next thing to look for is messy code. First, reduce the number of posts on your page to 1 (Dashboard – options – reading – Show at most __ posts – set that to 1). Then you should be able to identify the offending post. Once you find it, edit the post. Click on icon #16 ( and then choose icon h. Then save the post and see if the problem goes away.


    In your bad but beautiful post, it appears like the text may have been copied from possibly the web and then pasted in and has some irregularities regarding the “invasion weeds…” link. Open that post for editing, copy all the text to the clipboard and remove it. Then go to the extended tool bar and use the “paste as plain text” icon (has a small “T” on it), insert the text in the box that pops up and then click insert. You will then have to redo the text links you have in it, but it should take care of the problem.



    Thank you again but… Thanks to your help I have isolated the offending post–Solstice Sun. But I have both cleaned up the messy code and pasted the text into the Plain Text box and then inserted it and still it isn’t letting my sidebar return.

    But, I am enjoying my tutorial that you all are helping me with.



    i did the suggestion of worked. thanks a lot!


    You’re welcome and happy blogging.

    You have quite a few posts that need to be fixed. Any post you have copied in from the internet needs to be copied out and then pasted back in using the paste as text button on the extended toolbar. Just a few I see: “Humboldt: …”, “Junk Yard,” “Slip Sliding…”, and “Storm Damage.”

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