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    This morning, my sidebar links have disappeared. All was fine after my last post (three days ago), then this morning there are only three sidebar categories showing. Links are gone. I’ve looked at the support page and done what was suggested there. The suggested “fixes” didn’t help.

    The blog I need help with is


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    Give us a link to your blog, starting with http://
    so we can take a look, and answer accurately.



    Mine have also disappeared from my blog

    I last posted two days ago and have made no changes to my blog since then, but my sidebar links are mysteriously gone this morning.


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    You are both using the Misty Look theme.
    Have you tried adding it back to your sidebar(s)?

    (I think I lost my author widget yesterday, but that might have been me confusing my blog with my test blog—foolishly named almost alike.)


    Yes, Misty Look. Not sure what you mean by “…adding it back…” I have an extensive four category sidebar link and “…adding it back…” would be almost impossible.


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    A lot of the missing links in this thread were Misty Look:

    to add it again:
    dashboard > appearance > widgets > drag the links widget to your sidebar


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    It should still have your links.


    1tess, you are a genius. I followed your directions and dragged the links back to the sidebar and WALLAH! they reappeared. Just wondering why this happened?


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    Did you read the link I gave? She said they were working on updating widgets.
    Glad it worked for you, though.


    1tess, just read the link. Those troublesome techies complicating our lives!!!



    Thank you! I dragged the widget over and the links are back again!


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    Glad it worked!



    Thanks for the resolution.

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