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Sidebar loading strangely in IE

  1. Template is Contempt. Sidebar widgets are just fine in firefox. In IE, all widgets after the first 3 have bullets instead of an outline box and align in left justified position. On individual post pages where the sidebar is longer than the post, the last few widgets move to the left margin of page. I checked for over-sized images but don't seem to have any. Any suggestions?

  2. Hmmm, interesting. The only thing I can see wrong is the "a" in the closing tag after the snoopy image (typing2.gif) is uppercase, rather than lower. Wild stab, but IE may not be accepting this and causing the div tag errors you are seeing.
    In the widget, check the URL and change the "a" lowercase and see if this helps.

  3. @ozrisk You the man - sort of. The "a" made no difference, but it got me focused on that widget. Took out all the
    's and presto! Another satisfied blogger. Thanks.

  4. that was... I took out the list tags.

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