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Sidebar loads at bottom in Chrome [help!]

  1. Hi everyone!

    I've been looking for answers in previous topics, but I didn't find them properly, so I hope someone comes gently to help me through this.

    I've just changed my theme site and, while my sidebar loads perfectly in IE, in Chrome it loads at the bottom of the page.

    I know it probably has something to do with codes, but I'm a super-begginer in this subject, so I can't "see" the problem checking the codes of the website.

    Here's my website:

    And here is my CCS:

    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Did you try resetting your cashe in chrome? The sidebar loaded on the left for me.

  3. Yes, I did. And yes, the proper place is the left side, as it appears when I try on IE, but unfortunately, still, not on Chrome. I also tried at a friend's house and the same thing happenned, so I guess it's not just here. Could you think of any other reasons for this? Thanks for the reply :)

  4. How wide is your screen? The sidebar get pushed to the bottom by the responsive code when the screen is less than 1024 pixels.

  5. Well, I have a netbook, but the screen has still a 1366x768 pixels resolution. I wouldn't mind if the problem was just in my computer, I'd just like people to see the website as it is, XD

  6. (hey, thanks again, I didn't know if anyone would care about my little problem lol)


    This is how it loads for me.

    Could you be zoomed in on chrome? Check View > Actual Size in the file menu.

  8. Hey, I put the zoom in 90% and it showed up just like you sent me!!! So that's just it? hahaha

  9. Then it's not a problem on code, or atualization, or anything, just the zoom the person uses?

  10. If you were zoomed in it could have been displaying like you were experiencing. How about when you are at 100%?

    My colleague has that problem from time to time. So that is why I asked.

  11. At 100%, the sidebar goes to the bottom again. I was wondering if I could reduce the size of the sidebar or of the posts so they can fit even when I'm 100%, but it seems to be a little difficult for a non-expert on CCS. I checket in another friend's PC and it shows perfectly, so I'm guessing each computer will show whatever they like, haha :P

  12. Is there any chance your chrome isn't up-to-date? Maybe turning your computer on and off again. It sounds to me like a cashe or local browser thing.

    Do you have any chrome extensions on? Maybe one of them is causing a problem.

  13. @mrdirby
    Is it possible that any content has been imported or copied and pasted into a text widget or into a post or page and that's there's an open HTML tag?

  14. Perhaps.

    After looking again, the sixth item in tags is long. I wonder if that is pushing the sidebar container wider than it should. Could you shorten it and see if thats the culprit.

  15. I checket and my chrome is up to date, everything looks ok. As for the HTML tag, I apologize for not understanding much about it, so I basically don't know what to do lol

  16. When I view your site in Chrome, it seems to be working fine. If I zoom in far enough, the sidebar does drop to the bottom. This is intended behavior for the theme, which is responsive. If there is not enough room in the window to display both posts and the sidebar, the sidebar drops to the bottom.

    Essentially what happens when you zoom in far enough is replicate the effect of viewing the site on a mobile device.

  17. Thanks for the comment, @jackiedana, I realized that and it makes sense, even though I wish it didn't happen, haha. If that's just it, I don't think there's any perfect solution for this behavior...

  18. Most people viewing your blog will not have the zoom enabled to the point where the sidebar is moved under the content, unless they are viewing it on a mobile device, so it shouldn't pose too great of an issue for the majority of your visitors.

  19. I'll count on that! Thanks again :)

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