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    Hello again – you all have helped me a lot, and I have one other question, well, two.

    First is: if you look at, there is a vertical gap between the logo that’s stuck at the top of the sidebar and the bottom of the header. Basically, we want the top of the white logo box to line up horizontally with the top of the white main text box. Does that make sense? I was looking for a thing to change the margins for the sidebar, but I didn’t see anything that looked like it was creating that big margin there….

    Second: This isn’t so much CSS related, but I’d like to turn the logo into a link that you can click on and jump back to the main front page. The logo is a graphic set into a text widget, so maybe that’s as easy as adding some html to that widget???

    I really appreciate all your help. I am learning a lot doing this!



    I may be wrong here, but I don’t think you can change the margins for the sidebar. That would involve editing the theme at its root level which we cannot do here.

    As for your second question, but a <a href=”…. tag around the <img src=”… tag that features the image you’re using. That’ll make the image a hyperlink.



    1) You can change them with the CSS upgrade by modifying the widths within the style.css.


    your sidebar widget is being pushed down by its title, despite the title being empty. try this:
    #text-1 .widgettitle { display: none; }

    talking baseball has your answer for the other question.



    You guys are great — thank you so much!

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