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    i have been happily configuring my wordpress installation (2.2.2) – until yesterday.

    i moved its location on the server and the apache information. But this never caused any problems. i.e. Everything went fine, until i deleted my first post.

    In the RSS-widget (showing the feed oft he WP-blog) in the sidebar the title oft he deleted post was still visible (i think it reported a broken link).

    After a while the RSS feed in the widget showed an error-statement (something like: come back later…) while the RSS feed from the adress line oft he browser ist still working .

    I had WP-cache on, so i deactivated and deisntalled it. No success. RSS-widget still not working anymore.

    Since then the sidebar has been causing nothing but trouble – or at least: sorrow

    – The photoalbums of my WPG2-embedded gallery that i installed afterwars have never appeared in the the sidebar.

    – Blogroll has vanished although it had been there in the default template (though it shows up in other themes – sometimes –i assume this depends on the templates)

    – Now i installed the simple-tagging-plugin but all links oft he tags just point to a 404 error. (onyl the category-links seem to work)

    I deactivated most of my plugins, (i even suspected a link in the stats from the deleted post to haunt the database)

    Now i am pretty positive there is something wrong between with my sidebar. Is that a database problem?

    What would be the best way to proceed now?

    there are far too many variables that could be responsible (i regret as hell not having set-up a new WP from the start instead of re-activating my friend´s under a ne url.)

    Sometims changes I did show up immediately on the sidebar – sometimes they used to, but now don´t. sometimes they refuse to show up at all.

    Despite the bandwith of possible mistakes, i tried googlng the all the errors – also in the forums. No luck

    Does anyone know what i should do now???

    I just want it to be working again, i would also be willing to install a new WP on my server.

    But how could i make sure i am not re-importing the errors in my system by exporting the data or re-installing the databse?

    Please, i´ve tried all i know (browser cache, database „repair“ via phpmyadmin), i would be very thankful for any general hints how to approach this problem.

    In case i have to setup a new WP.
    Would an „export“ of the databse be better?
    Or a copy of db and the files on the server better

    After days of configuring i just wouldn´t want to install my whole Wp-system again.

    As i am an enthusiastick WP-newbie i would like to ask you WP Professionals what yuo would do:

    What woulkd be the best procedure in my case to get rid of my problem…?

    i reactivated the rss-widget in case you want a look.
    Ist on

    thank you for any hint.




    while re-activating the rss-widget for this requst the sidebar it started showing recent posts again. – why? is there some “hidden cache” i don´t know about.



    You mention wordpress 2.2.2, which is the downloadable version of wordpress from uses a multi-user version which is completely different.

    You need to direct your questions to the forum over at

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