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Sidebar Moved To Bottom of Page?

  1. So my sidebar has moved from the top of my page, to the absolute bottom of the page. Any idea why this happened? It's annoying seeing all my links and stuff at the bottom of the page.

  2. I just checked and your sidebar is where it should be. Usually they say clear your cache and cookies in case there's a virus or something like that. I don't know for sure though.

  3. Are you using internet explorer? There is a well documented bug with the way that internet explorer v6 interprets web pages that causes some content that should be on the side to move to the bottom of a page.

    If so, try (1) increasing the size of your browser window (width), which will fix the problem in most cases and (2) viewing your blog using the firefox browser ( If (1) and (2) don't fix the problem, submit a feedback.

  4. Um, no. The blogger is using a fixed width theme with pictures that are too wide for it. Changing the screen resolution or browser wouldn't help in this case. The pictures forse the sidebar to go to the bottom. It's not a bug.

    Example #1
    Example #2

    That's why we suggest using thumbnails folks. :)

    FAQ on uploading pictures and the use of thumbnails. :)

    Hope this helps,

  5. Looks fine in firefox.

  6. Probably does. (Since I can't install FF here, I couldn't tell you.) It's either resizing the photos itself or putting the sidebar over to top of the pictures. Neither of those I would assume would be acceptable though. I know one of the themes I tried over at my webcomic did that in IE. Lost about the right 25% of each pic. Lots of fun.

  7. would this effect my layout of my sidebar too? all the links etc are all mixed up and layered on top of each other... my images are not that big i thought...could someone have a look please? Thanks!

  8. I just looked at your site. I'm no expert but I checked page two and saw the bottom picture:

    I checked the properties of that picture and that picture is over 400 in width. When I was at Blogger, I noticed that my sidebar ended up at the bottom if the width of the picture is over 400. That picture is 436 px. Maybe resizing it might help to 400 or less. And if that doesn't solve it, maybe send in a feedback and hopefully someone can fix it.

  9. Your Text widget for your Zazzle links appears to have a </div> tag at the end of the link for with no matching beginning one. You need to remove it from the html code that you have in your text widget.

    Hope this helps,

  10. wow drmike... it was the <div> nice one all sorted. thanks! :)

  11. i have the same problem, but i dont found any extra <div> tag :/
    The W3C validator dont say any problem...

    My blog is

  12. Nagash - two things :

    1. is for support of blogs only. You need to be over Here with your questions.

    2. I looked at your site anyway using IE6 and couldn't see a problem with the sidebar.


  13. Looks fine to me as well in Netscape 7.2 at 1280 x 1024 but, as Cornell says, you're in the wrong spot as we're running different software than what you are. It is broken though on IE 6.0.2900.

  14. I have the same problem -- NOT SAFE FOR WORK, or at least only moderately safe. I have resized all my photos to 200 pixels width just to be sure. Can't find any </div> tags or figure out any other reason why my sidebars would have spontaneously moved to the bottom of the page. Any help?

  15. thomasroche, your site shows fine for me in Firefox and Safari. Just went to your main page though. Try clearing your browser cache and take another look because the photos are definetely 200 pixels as they could be closer to 350 if you wanted.


  16. Thank you -- it's still showing as messed up on my browser, despite numerous cache clearings and a cold reboot... I also saw it this way on two different computers. Strange that it's showing up correctly for you; will try rebooting again & see if that helps.


  17. Unfortunately, another reboot didn't do any good. Still getting my sidebars at the bottom of the page in both Firefox and Explorer.

  18. It displays fine for me. I'm wondering if it's your Flickr widget? The sidebar on the left appears to be narrower than either of the ones on the right, so maybe put it in the other sidebar just as an experiment and see what happens?

    Alternately, the image in this post is too wide:
    I believe they size all theirs to 500 pixels.

    OT: That's a very good example of how to do a NSFW blog well. You've put a lot of thought into it, it looks great.

    Also, do a forced reload of the page. Control F5 I believe does it. Like flushing drano through the internet tubes.

  19. Hi,

    I am experiencing the same problem, my sidebar is all the way at the bottom of my page(righthandside). I have disabled scripts on the page, there are no images on the blog, I have replaced my theme with the default files, I have run validators on my page, posts, etc. and found no problems. This just started one day. ANY help would be greatly appreciated, I am on the verge of just having to re-create my entire blog. You can access it at: Username: default Password: default

    Any help is appreciated.

  20. The blog you are indicating is not a blog. We provide support only for for WordPress blogs hosted here on, so if your blog URL doesn’t have “” you should seek support elsewhere. If you have a host contact that host. If you have downloaded software from and are self hosting go here

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